Sunday: Stay On Target

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

While I was trying to capture the vibrant yellows of these micro-sized Butter Cups, this little bee kept bopping around from one to bloom to the next.  Each time, he landed smack dab in the centre of each flower.  Even the closeness of my camera lens did not deter him from his target.

Getting Intimate (the big picture)

Don’t be shy, get close.  It’s one thing to photograph something you think is pretty or unique, it’s another to get right in there and capture your subject’s most intimate details.

Show the world what it is you see.  Some of the most eye catching photographs are the ones that display texture and tone so vibrantly, it leaps off the page (erm…or computer screen…).

Small things can be beautiful things.  Simple details, like ice formed on a branch, take on a hole new meaning they are brought to life at close range.  Use what your subject is offering  you as much as you can.  Let it fill the viewfinder, corner to corner.