The Suitcase Game

Day 105 of 365:

{Daily Post One Word Prompt: Suitcase}

Okay fellow writers, let’s make a game of this.  How about a fun little exercise to stretch the limbs of your imagination?

Take the main character of your most recent story.  This can be either from one you have already completed, or a story you are currently working on.

Here’s the scenario:

Your main character has to go on an unexpected trip.  This trip may or may not be directly related to your plot.  Before he or she can leave, they must pack a suitcase, as it’s pretty obvious they will be away for at least a week or two.


What do they pack in their suitcase?

List five items that they would take with them.  Five accouterments your character cannot live with out…


I’ll go first.

My character would pack in her suitcase:

  1. her microphone
  2. her Discman (with a CD in it)
  3. a picture of her first love
  4. a feather boa
  5. sketch pad and pastels

(I literally just concocted this little writing exercise!  Ha!  Might be strange, but I gotta say this is a fun way to think about the possessions I have given my main character that make up her identity.  Your turn, if you want.  Post the five items your MC would pack in a suitcase in the comment section below.  And it doesn’t even have to be a fictional character’s belongings.  Maybe it’s five things you can’t live without!  Let’s have some fun, eh?)




-Janice 🙂  amwriting


Day 102 of 365:

{Motivate Me Monday}

The intention I set for this week is more of a constant, running theme in my day to day life….focus

This is an ongoing challenge.  A struggle for balance.  And it’s not so much that I want the constant chatter and buzz that steals of my attention and takes it down paths I do not deliberately seek.  After all, when I let them wander, my chaotic thoughts take me to interesting places .

It’s more about buckling down and concentrating on one thing at a time….

Even if just for a little while.

Namaste and Happy Monday!

I hope it is a productive one for you.


-Janice 🙂


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