May Recap

Day 152 of 365:

The month of writing that was May….

May was….awesome.  Get this:  I wrote 56 pages of  new material for my novel.  The last time I was this productive with my writing was last November.  I owe  this in part to the writing course I ventured to early in the month.  What an amazing experience.  It was only half a day, but I learned so much about my writing and how to make sense of this insurmountable task I have placed upon myself.  (I also learned I am far from alone).

I approached my writing from different angles.  I started using a digital voice recorder (my dicto-stick!) and also implemented Character Sketches into the structure of my process.

Another approach, to keep my momentum going, was making more of an effort to take part in the Daily Post writing prompts, utilizing an extremely valuable tool that is always at my finger tips: The WordPress community.

I can also honestly say that it was sheer will and determination to start making some legitimate headway on my re-writes and second draft.

In other words:  I buckled down, and got my ass in gear.

Days blogged: 31 of 31

Progress on novel: 25, 673 words (and counting, May isn’t officially over for 3 more hours as I type this.)

I was totally on fire this month.

Onward to June!



-Janice 🙂


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March Recap

Day 91 of 365:

{Sidenote: This is my 500th post on Writing The Girl!  Do I get a gold star  or a hug for this blogging milestone????}


End of another month.  Yikes!

For me, March has been a strange, jumbled, and extremely productive 31 days.  It’s been a month of pushing my own boundaries and finding balance.  I struggled to get some of my posts published, mostly due to a shift in my focus.  I am happy to say I made quite a bit of progress on my novel.  Finally!

And yes, between here and there, I did a whole lot of creating…

and writing…



Days posted: 30 out of 31 (damn you, Migraine!)

Progress on my novel: 11,229 words (fist bump!)


Bring it on, April!




-Janice 🙂


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Little Tub Of Lies

Day 90 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt}


To think I invited you into my life.  What was I thinking?

Here’s what I was thinking…..

I chose you after feeling a strong reaction to the way you spoke to me.  It was a feeling of want.  It was a feeling of commitment.  I listened as you made your promise, there in the aisle, as I gazed upon your bright, attractive packaging and shiny words.  Sure, I was tentative at first.  My temptation was guarded as I am not one to be easily swayed.  You just seemed so confident.  So passionate.  So absolute.  Too tantalizing to pass up.

“Concealer.  Fair complexion.  Evens out and balances skin tone.  Covers imperfections”

I felt as though I was holding all that I wanted in the palm of my hand.

I grasped you tightly.  I went to the cashier.  I handed over my money.  I brought you home.

You seemed so perfect.  A little tub to solve my problems.

Conceal my imperfections.

Conceal the purple pools of colour under my eyes.

Cover up that weird, blotchy red patch between my eyebrows.

I delighted at the idea of having perfectly balanced skin tones.


But that was then.

That was before I put your promises to the test.  Before I unscrewed your little pink cap.  Before I, following the directions on your packaging, gently blotted you all over my imperfections, red patches, and purple circles.  Before my desperate attempt to blend you in.  Before I tried to make you keep your word.

My optimism was naively high.  My expectations were based outside of reality.  I can see that now.  I was foolish.

In a brief moment, I had let my guard down and I let you in.

The imperfections, blotches and circles…they all remain, just as they did before: Unconcealed.

You let me down.  You lied to me.

You hid nothing….



(I’ve decided I quite like doing these writing prompts before I settle in to working on my book.  Composing my response is like cracking your knuckles or doing jumping jacks – it  limbers you up and get the juices going!)




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