Saturday: The Melt

Day 86 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday}


…Hundreds of teeny, tiny icicles forming and making their way down through the lattice-work on a gazebo in my back garden…

We are slowly melting after the ice storm on Thursday.  Spring just may happen after all.  Yippee!!!!!    😉


Happy Saturday!


-Janice 🙂


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Friday: Let Me Out

Day 85 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Friday!}

Spring started to happen here in central Ontario – but yesterday winter decided to mix it up and threw a really wicked ice storm at us.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been a pretty intense 24 hours, weather wise.

Now today EVERYTHING is coated in a thick layer of ice.  So of course I’ve been outside with my camera recording the damage and dramatic spectacle.

The trees were just starting to bud.  As you can see, through the ice that has encapsulated the branches on this shrub, Spring may be struggling around here.

It’s trapped:



Happy Friday.  Stay safe, enjoy.


-Janice 🙂




Sunday: Pleasant

Day 66 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Sunday}


…just one of those pleasant Sunday’s.  Slow motion, easy-going.  The kind where it’s warm enough for the birds to sing, but cold enough the gloves are still a necessity while we walk the dogs.  The kind of day where everything is lovely and calm.  And the sun shines brightly.

Ready for Monday and the week to begin.

I hope your weekend was pleasant as well.



-Janice 🙂


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