Day 145 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Phase}

I love how, when I ran it through, all of the corresponding words for “Phase” relate to writing.  In one way or another….or maybe that’s just the state of mind I am in at the moment. (see what I did there??  State?  Phase?? ha.ha.)


Further to going through phases, just as my life, my novel, my career, my blog, and the moon all do, my days go through phases as well.

For instance, I have passed through my morning-coffee phase.  I sailed through my work-day phase, stretched out my yoga-class phase and am now enjoying my glass-of-wine-at-the-end-of-the-day phase….


My next phase is time-for-bed!




-Janice 🙂




Morning, Noon and Write

Day 64 of 365:

{This is all I have today….}

Day starts at 6am:  Brew coffee.  Get settled at desk with coffee….  work, work, work….

Midday: hair appointment…and coffee.  Back to work.

5pm: All done work!  Pour a glass of wine….now its time to start writing….


Boring, I know – but that’s my day…and it’s all I have on my mind….


Happy Friday, folks!



-Janice 🙂


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