Thoughts On Labour Day…

Well, here we are: Labour Day 2013.

In my part of the hemisphere, the final days of summer unofficially happen on Labour Day Weekend.  The calendar may say Autumn doesn’t begin until the 22nd of September, but really – the hot days are done, the sun rises later, the nights are getting longer.

I feel the need to explain my absence from blogging for the past few weeks.  The reason for my lack of posts is – I have no reason.  I also haven’t had a moment to breathe, let alone sit down and pay attention to something for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Between you and me, Dear Reader, I look forward to end of August and the kids going back to school more and more each year.  Summer is fun, action packed, and a tad more chaotic than life is the rest of the year.  Quite frankly – I am exhausted.  I need our days to revolve around school.  I want to start wrapping myself in sweaters and bake casseroles for week night dinners.

As far as filling the past two months with adventure, as we always try to do, this year was no exception.  In fact, we went all out.  At the beginning of summer, the Hubby and I looked at our kids ( whose ages range from 13 to 15), and looked at each other and said – “These guys aren’t getting any younger.  Who knows if they’ll even want to hang out with us next year…”   So, we made a point of doing stuff – lots of stuff – as a family.  We took full advantage of the time we have with them now, before they, like all teenagers, become too cool to do things like go camping and hiking with their parents.  So camping we did, hiking we did.  We even took in a baseball game and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, both  in Cleveland, some mild spelunking, a suspension bridge, water, boats, and last but not least, roller coasters.

Summer was this:

Laid out in photographs, it seems like a heartbeat – and I guess in the grand scheme of things, that’s all eight weeks of July and August are: a heartbeat.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to have the structure of the school year back, but I will hold my captured memories of Summer 2013 close to me all winter.

And so….summer is fading away.  Tomorrow, like I said, school begins.  Life will settle back into the routine of family dinners, colder temps, wearing jackets, birthdays (all our kids have birthday’s in October), family gatherings and snow.

All of these changes won’t happen at once, but they will gradually become the day to day for next 10 months.  By the end of the tenth month, I’ll be more than ready for the reprieve that summer brings.

For now, back to grind I gladly go.  If only I could find my desk….

What a mess.
What a mess. The bottle of booze, by the way, wasn’t mine. It was a gift for the pet and house sitter we enlisted during our road-trip induced absence from home.

Wherever you are, Dear Reader, and however you have spent your weekend, be it a marked holiday or not , I hope it was truly spectacular.

I leave you with this, possibly the best back-to-school-shopping-inspired television commercial ever produced…I think it sums up mine and most parent’s feelings this time of year:  (or as I call it, “Parental Christmas-Eve”)

And to all you students out there, Happy Back To School!


Small Worlds II {A Simple, Single Image}

(A Simple, Single Image On A Thursday)

Columbine, Wrapped Up - Macro
Columbine, Wrapped Up – Macro

Small, compact and perfectly delicate – I love seeing the details we don’t usually catch. This is why I shoot with a macro.  Here I flipped my lens around on the body of my DSLR for a more abstract look to this budding columbine flower.

(I am almost back from vacation!….I was sooooo determined not to miss any posts like I did last year when I found myself away from home with no internet.  Thank you WordPress for the post scheduler!!  It rocks!!!  Total lifesaver!!!)


As Seen From Above

(Side note:  I was also toying with the idea of calling this post “My Week Of Living Dangerously”…)

I have returned from a week of extremes.

Extreme high speeds.

Extreme heights.

Extreme plummets.

Extreme loop-de-loops.

I am glad to be home from my vacation…I really need to get some rest!

This is just a simple image taken from the very tippy-top of the “Giant Ferris Wheel” in Darien Lake.

Being that high up, and having smuggled my camera onto the ride with me, gave me entirely different perspective of my extreme surroundings.

It’s the small details from this shot that I like:  The line up for the “Space Ship” ride.  The itty-bitty rock-climbers (top left) and the crowd of teens around the concession stand.

A bunch of random people, all doing different things in the same place for the same reason:

Extreme fun.