Saturday: Up {#2}

Day 191 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday}

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up}

My view as I tackled my most hated chore: Vacuuming the stairs.  (blah)


Long way up, isn’t it?  And with each step, as I mutter and curse the dust, hair and sock lint, I wonder if it would be easier to rip the carpeting up or shave the dogs bald…or move to a house with no staircases?

Happy Saturday,


-Janice 🙂



Saturday: Long Day

Day 93 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image On Saturday}

You know that feeling you get, after you’ve been up since yawn o’clock, ran your feet off all day at work, and you are finally home and able to sit down and do nothing?

That feeling of…..ahhhhhhhhh…….?

That’s me tonight.  Like, right. now.20160402_180946

It’s been a long day…..I’m doing what the kids call chillaxin’

And it feels so good.

Good night,


-Janice 🙂


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Saturday: Flash Forward

Day 65 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday}

Lilly of the Valley en route

ahhhhhhhh  – it’s March 5th.  We have more snow on the ground today than we have all winter.  But, all is good. In just a few short weeks, spring will start to do its thing.  As illustrated in my Simple, Single photo for today:

It’s coming.  It will.  Green is just around the corner….

Warm wishes – hope you are having an enjoyable Saturday.




-Janice 🙂


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