Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Day 11 of 365:

How does one feel the effect of gravity?

The best way I know of is shortly after the take off, when you and your horse are mid-way over a jump.  You feel a mixture of euphoria and awe combined with the magical sensation that you and half a ton of animal are floating in mid-air.

Look for your landing….

These feelings last for mere seconds as you quickly realize that, even though both of you have defied its forces, gravity will prevail: “what goes up, must come down”.

Keep your eyes forward, find your landing, and prepare for your descent back down to earth…

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-Janice 🙂


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All For Show

I was that little girl who lived and breathed horses.  My parents enrolled me in horse camp every summer, and dutifully drove me out to the barn all year round for riding lessons.  My appetite for all things equestrian was insatiable.   I rode both Western and English styles, trying everything from Horsemanship classes, to Barrel Racing and (of course) Hunter/Jumper.  I loved it all.

Even though I do not take lessons any more, (though I really want to start it up again….) my love for anything that neighs, has four hooves and a mane is still as strong as ever.  All of this being said, whenever I get the chance to photograph horses or equestrian events, I *jump* (ha-ha!) at it.

This is how I found myself at a local ranch this past Sunday with my camera and couple of dozen young riders and their mounts.  The event was a Hunter/Jumper show, the competition was good-natured and the weather was absolutely fabulous.

The perfect Sunday for a horse show!

As I had been working indoors for the past few days on house reno’s, I was more than happy to spend a couple of hours admiring the horses and watching the action both in and around the ring.

 As I watched these young riders, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own experiences in the ring.  Each one stayed with me, grew with me and shaped me – of this I am certain…