Oh, Look. It’s Wet Paw Season.

Day 53 of 365

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons}

Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

I have three dogs.  That’s three sets of furry paws.  A total of 12 dog feet.

Seasons to me are not always so much about changing foliage that signals the onset of  Autumn; longer hours of sunlight during the day that tells us Spring is coming; hearing crickets and tree frogs when we enjoy a warm, early Summer evening sitting on the porch.

Seasons in my house revolve around which category the state of the dog’s feet are in after being outside:

-Dry feet mean it is Summer.

-Wet, muddy, dirty feet, all caked with sand, and goo, and gunk, let us know it is either Spring, Winter or Fall.


I love my dogs, I really do.  Can’t imagine our family without them.  But good gawd, they track a lot of whatever is going on outside into my house.  And on to my floors.  Which means we spend most of the year cleaning and wiping dirty paws.

Currently, with this warm, spring-like winter we are having, I am up to my eyeballs in muddy dog feet.

Another reason why I cannot wait for Summer.




-Janice 🙂


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I am posting this because it may be one of the last images of a flower from my garden I share here.

sedum, pink.

Everything is just getting so brown!

I simply adore all the season changes that occur around me.  I feel I am very fortunate to live in a climate that dictates a clear distinction between winter, spring, summer and fall.  The visual gifts are abundant, and something I take full advantage of with my photography.

Fall is a neon, vibrant explosion of all the colours that have been brewing all summer.  Winter carries with it a desolate beauty – stark, haunting and simple are its tones.  Spring is sweet, innocent and pastel.  Everything you see is like taking a breath of fresh air.

And what about summer?


Like the photograph above – summer is a constantly surprising palette, complete with every colour of the rainbow…and then some.

I have based a lot of my posts since mid-may to the many colours of summer.  These colours filled my lens on a daily basis.  In filling my lens, they filled my creative well with things to write about and share on this blogging platform.

As I find myself drifting back into what I call Winter Mode, I must bid adieu to the kaleidoscope of pink, blue, yellow, purple and green.  From now until next spring, I will be focused and content with a more muted display.  The intrigue and love affair I have had with my summer subjects will not wane.

Rather, it will shift to embrace a whole new feast.

Winding Down (To Wind Back Up Again)

I served steamed carrots with dinner tonight.

At the moment, I am sitting at my desk wearing a sweater.  I am doing so because the breeze coming in through the open window beside me is chilly.  Yes, chilly.  I may be forced to actually shut the window.


Yesterday, I took my son to Staples and purchased binders, pencils, notebooks and a new lunch bag….all for him.

The date is August 28th.

I am slowly starting to face facts here:  Summer is drawing to a close.

I first noticed this happening a few days ago, when we returned from our family vacation: I sat down to do some work and suddenly found myself lost in a sea of paper work, unopened email and a ‘to-do’ list from my boss that is about a mile long.  An entire summer’s worth of procrastinating and taking days off came crashing down on me like a tidal wave.


Tonight, using the barbeque seemed…boring and predictable (!) to make dinner with.  Instead, I cooked food from my freezer, in my oven and steamed vegetables, rather than grilling everything drizzled in olive oil and loaded with basil from the garden.  For the first time in three months, the food we ate did not have char marks on it from the grill.  We also ate inside.


Now I am going to help my son organize his backpack with all of his new school supplies:  Classes resume in less than a week.  He has six days to break in his new running shoes.

But the most compelling evidence that Summer is winding down is the weather.  The days are slowly getting shorter.  The air has a certain chill in it that we have not felt for a long time.

The leaves on the trees are even starting to change colour…in an oh-so subtle way.

I am okay with all of this, really.  The end of August has always represented a second New Year.  A time to start over, to start fresh.  Summer is so wild and so free.  We have no rules, no schedule.  To be honest, after a while I crave these things.  Soon we will have hectic week nights, homework and structure.  Things will be fast paced in our household once again….just the way I like it.

Besides, Fall is an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking time of year – what with all the colours our landscape takes on.  Truly an excellent season to photograph.

~I am shaking my head and coming to grips with the obvious~