Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Someone flicked the switch in my corner of the world – Spring has sprung in a big way.  A week ago, the lingering threat of snow clouded over us.  Today, the trees are have quickly gone from barren to blooming.  Grass is green and lush.  Children are finally playing out in the streets, having triumphantly shed those cumbersome winter coats.

It is the breakneck speed at which my garden has come to life is my favourite part of this drastic, and badly needed,  change in weather.

Red Tulip
{Red Tulip}
Yellow Primrose
{Yellow Primrose}

Digging, weeding and uncovering all of this life from six months of hibernation is my little ritual.  On the first truly “nice” weekend every year I officially put myself outside, in the sun, a kind of awakening, ushering in the spring and summer months.  I cover myself in an inch of sunblock, don my gloves, dig out my little weeding tool and my pruners, slip into those shoes I don’t mind getting muddy – and I gladly get to work.


My little gardening habit seemed to fit nicely with this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme.  Standing in the dirt, looking down at all the happy little faces of my tulips and primrose.  They seemed to be smiling up at me, greeting me after a long absence….it was all I could do to grab my camera.

Pink and Purple Lungwort
{Pink and Purple Lungwort}

These early spring blooms are the first eager participants in what will be a fantastic parade of various flowers and plants for the next 6 months.  They are a reward, a pat on the back for being patient with winter.  The site of these brilliant colours is like a handshake – a welcoming of this brilliant new season.

Pink Primrose
{Pink Primrose}

I think this will be a very good “growing year”, indeed.

Winter Sleep

At long last, we have a decent covering of snow.  And it’s just the right amount:  Enough to give the landscape a wonderfully white make-over, but not too much to keep us housebound.

Today, the kids enjoyed some tobogganing and I enjoyed photographing our transformed surroundings.

Here I found some forgotten roses, still cheerfully pink…but frozen in the ice-cold snow…

Winter Sleep
Winter Sleep

Saturday: Old, Rusty

(Single Solitary Image On Saturday And Sunday)

Old, Rusty.

…nothing but an old, beaten up hand shovel that I have had for a countless gardening seasons.  It fits my grip perfectly and seems to be the best tool for every job…