Sunday: Reflection of the Day

Day 199 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Sunday}

Bird Bath

Mirror-like surface, maple tree reflecting back on itself.  Life should be as calm and simple as this….

Happy Sunday – have a peaceful one.



-Janice 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

I’ll be honest – I had decided against doing a photo challenge this week…until I saw the theme that is.

I have just returned from a couple of days of exploring and playing my way around the Thousand Islands region in Up State New York with The Hubby…a quiet weekend retreat for both of us.  The weather was amazing, the atmosphere relaxed, and my surroundings were abundantly inspiring.

On the second last day of our mini-vacation, I began photographing the sunset after a long and beautiful afternoon out on the water.  We perched ourselves on the rocky shoreline of Lake Ontario, anticipating a fantastical display of golds and oranges that would surely mark the sun’s final salute for the day.  Alas, clouds slowly started rolling just as the show was about to begin, muting the brilliant colours I wanted to see.  I started snapping anyway, noticing delicate pastel colouring on the horizon and becoming intrigued by the cloud formations in the sky.

I was not yet aware of this week’s photo challenge theme – but this is the way I work, it is the way I was taught: approach your subjects not just from one angle, but as many angles as physically possible in order to capture the intricacies of its character…there is more than “one way” to shoot everything you come across.

Shoreline, Sunset
Shoreline, Sunset
Reflected, Sunset
Reflected, Sunset

I literally shot the two preceding images one after the other.  The sunglasses my husband was wearing had very high reflective lenses.  I couldn’t help but feel it would have been an awesome infrared photograph…had I been carrying a roll on me.  In editing, I applied a digital filter to Reflected, Sunset to give it a similar effect.

So there you have it: I stumbled my way into posting for the photo challenge even when I didn’t intend to:

One Shot – Two Ways

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Ohhh – I love a good reflection!

As a photographer, nothing grabs me more than a perfectly crisp, yet oddly rippled, reflected image.  Especially when you can’t tell which is the reflection is which is the real object. There are some things that I think look better in a reflection.  The lines a little more interesting.  The colours seem more vibrant.  Personalities become a tad warped.

I have already done quite a few posts featuring reflection images over the past year.  In fact, you might say reflections are a running theme of mine.

Exploring the world of reflection images can change your entire perspective.

I shot this explicitly for this week’s photo challenge theme:

Candle Light Reflected
Candle Light Reflected

But, I didn’t really like it.  It’s a candle sitting on top of a stainless steel counter in my kitchen.  I am not crazy about the way it turned out though…it’s a little too….


So, noticing that the theme challenge is in a plural form (reflections, as a posed to just a reflection.)  I have added some other reflections I have in my image library:

Reflection Blue (Across The River)
Reflection Blue (Across The River)
Reflection Of The Water Lilies
Reflection Of The Water Lilies
Rainy Day Reflections
Rainy Day Reflections
Self-Reflection Of The Day
Self-Reflection Of The Day

And there you have it – many reflections!