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I’m back.  Again, for the first time…. for the last time?

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Five Favourite Things: Random Photographs

Day 22 of 365:


I have taken 11, 318 photos since 2012.

Just since 2012.

I have been working on organizing my image library for the past few weeks.  It’s a daunting task.   The 11,318 images on my laptop are just a drop in the bucket.  I store older images on a removable hard drive.  Between my laptop and the hard drive, that number is probably closer to 20,000. This isn’t even including all the prints and negatives I have in dozens upon dozens of albums and boxes.  You know,  from the days before digital photography existed.

And my libraries will only ever expand and increase in size because I will never, ever stop.

What can I say?  I like taking pictures.  😉  Keeping them in an orderly, manageable state is something I don’t like doing so much.


Five, random images I can classify as being my personal “Favourites”

(not in any particular order and just from 2012 on)

Ellie, our sweet little devil disguised as an adorable poddle-yorkie.  She weighs all of nine pounds and keeps us on our toes as much as she melts our hearts…



I love my garden and I love this fuchsia coloured peony.  I think maybe I enjoy looking at this image because it’s like, -20 outside right now.  This image makes me feel warm…

Hot Pink Peony


Just love the sparkly rain drops on this grass…



Our dog, Miley, watching water droplets from my son’s paddle as we canoe across the lake.  This was my son’s first time canoeing and Miley’s first time in a boat.  Just a fun memory I am glad I captured….

Water Dog


Love the eerie, suspenseful shadows cast on a deliciously foggy night.  I like the mystery of scenes like this.  The silhouettes and back-lighting are spooooky…

Foggy Night



And yippee because it’s FRIDAY and  I am done work for the week!!

Gotta go – there’s a glass of wine waiting to be poured.


Happy Friday!


-Janice 🙂


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3 Random Photos

Three seemingly random moments of happenstance and the thoughts that popped into my head as I captured each one with my camera.  Turning random moments into photographs is the best way to hold on to them…

That  brief moment when you see something beautiful and simple, but cannot describe why you find it so:

Leaf On Windshield
Leaf On Windshield

That moment of clarity where everything seems to be meant only for you.  A message in a bottle and the writing on the wall cannot be ignored:

Wipe It Clean
Wipe It Clean

That moment when things line up perfectly, catch your eye, and give you a much needed reason to pause and enjoy the flowers: