Calling My Attention

It has been raining a lot here the past week or so – like almost every day.

I had other posts I was wanting to publish this week.  I have been writing a lot lately, but have more WIP’s than actual, completed, blog posts.  I feel like I am stuck, but really it’s just that everything else is stealing my attention away.

As for the rain… the constant tempo of it all occupies my mind.  After the deluge, I venture outside to a refreshed world, a drenched world.  All around me, water clings to everything in the most beautiful and elegant way.  My imagination and thoughts are captured by the camera in my hand.

Peonies – Raindrops

Perhaps tomorrow I will write.  Today all I can see is everything – except, that is, the words on my page….


-Janice 🙂


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Lovely {A Simple, Single Image}

(Simple, Single Image On A Saturday*)


A lovely, little violet covered in fresh rain.  Is there anything in the world that symbolises the beauty of Spring more than this?

Happy Saturday!


(*During my year long life of blogging daily in 2012, my “Simple, Single Image On Saturday and Sunday” posts were among my favourite to do.  They became a weekend ritual, if you will.  However, with the advent of the new year, and Writing The Girl’s metamorphosis from daily to weekly posts, this feature was pushed aside.  Well, I’m bringing them back!  It is the simplicity of these solitary images that I want to express and share – pictures speak a thousand words after all.  And so, perhaps one Saturday month, I will dedicate one of my weekly posts to Simple, Single Images.  I hope you enjoy!)

Looking Back (on a grey Friday in January)

My thoughts are preoccupied with sunnier days today.

The weather forecast is calling for my area to be rainy and above temperature for the next few days, making everything around me an unfortunate shade of dull.  Colour will not be in my life for while – so naturally I am craving it.

Scrolling through my library gives me what I desire – the rich warm textures and colour from photographs I took in the summer months.

purple cone flower -  in the sun

I found this one of some purple cone flowers in full bloom and thought:

“Ahhhhhh – just what I need on this cold, bland day.”  I then sat and stared at it for a while, happily recalling the I took this picture.  It seems like so long ago!

I can almost feel the heat of the sun as it bounces off the petals.  I wish I could dive in and completely immerse myself in the glow coming off the colours.

But I can’t.


Besides, tomorrow morning I will wake up and love all the rain drops and fog.  I will no doubt lose myself for a couple of hours with my camera….