Sunday: Up {#3}

Day 192 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Sunday}

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up}

Looking up at my downward on a Sunday morning…..  20160710_082648

(yes, a little yoga before I settle into a day of sitting at my desk writing.  I needed an extra bit of stretching and mind centering this morning as I set my sights on completeing the chapter I am currently muddling my way through.)


Happy Sunday!




-Janice 🙂



Yes, I Bend….

Day 61 of 365:

{Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind}

…let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

Paschimottanasana – seated forward fold

“I bend so I don’t break” – it’s a saying, a phrase, perhaps even a mantra, that many yogis, myself included, refer to often.  It’s not just something we do with our bodies.  Bending goes much deeper than a forward fold.

I’ve been thinking about this simple sentence often the past few weeks, actually.  I’ve come up against a barrier and a realization that I have to wake up and listen to what is going on around me, and inside me.

So why do I bend?

I bend for balance.

I bend so I can forgive.

Bending, both on and off the mat, is about the cycle of give and take.  It’s the balance of inner peace and peace you have in the relationships with everything around you.

So this is where I am right now – bending with gratitude.  I am thankful that I can, that I have the ability to bend both physically and figuratively.




-Janice 🙂 wtg logo_sm