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February Recap

Day 60 of 365:

Bonus Day -> thank you, Leap Year, for giving us February 29th.

Plus, it’s the end of the month.  Time to reflect and set our sites on next 31 days.

…some things I wrote about and posted during February….

….lots of frustration with myself this month.  Mostly over my lack of progress with editing/re-writes.  Plus, I sustained running-related injury that I didn’t even want to discuss here, but it totally through me out of whack. (more on that to come in a future post….)

Days posted: 29 out of 29 (yeah, me!)

Progress on novel: NIL.

From here, I can only move forward.

Onward to March!


-Janice 🙂



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Sunday: Still {and a haiku}

Day 3 of 365

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday and Sunday}

miley sitting still_img

Still of the morning

Light replaces the darkness 

The day now begins.


(just a little haiku to describe how this image, shot early this morning with my phone, makes me feel.)

Happy Sunday!

-Janice 🙂


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Saturday: Old Hello, Part 1

Day 2 of 365.

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday and Sunday}

re-edit Hydrangea from 2012-11-030
Hello again, Hydrangea. Hello again, Simple Single Image on Saturday and Sunday posts!

Yesterday I found some photos in my archives from a series I took in November 2012 of some dried out Hydrangea flowers in my garden.   I love how  the petals retain their shape and structure during the winter months, as if someone hit a pause button on their life-cycle.  The shades of beige and brown they take on also intrigue me.

I have re-edited some of my original images of these plants, brightened and warmed them up just a bit….and voila!… “Old Hello”.

My original post featuring this image, and more, can be found here.  


Happy Saturday!


-Janice 🙂



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