On Being Self Indulgent….

Day 19 of 365:

Today I have been decidedly self-indulgent:  I sorta-kinda-mostly played hooky from being a responsible, money earning adult.

I went shopping and bought myself a new outfit.  Which is totally justifiable as I have some work-type events coming up that I need a new outfit for.

I watched TV in the middle of the day! (only for 30 minutes though.  I felt like I was wasting my time…)

And then I took a couple of hours to update my online portfolio with some of my latest photography projects.

This last item is something I wish I had time to do more often.  I may not take as many photographs as I used to, but I am trying to keep it up.  What was once supposed to be my career has been pushed to the very back corner of my life.  The truth is, I’ve never been able to make money with my photography like I have with my work in marketing, writing and project management.  Therefore, it is not a priority in my professional life.  My subject matter and style are very self-indulgent and personal.  I have always leaned toward what you might classify as “fine art” photography, preferring to capture images of flowers and nature over portraits of babies and people.

It’s a catch 22, though, focusing on the artistic side of my trade.  Nature and trees and forests are not as marketable and as easy to sell as services in, say, wedding photography are.  (Though I do love doing product “table top” shoots for people.)

And so it is that my art will always remain more of a passion than a lively hood.IMG_5761

Selfish or not, I am happy with how I spent my day – though I always find it difficult to take time out for just “me”.  I try not to feel guilty or lazy, but a big part of me does.   All of this only leaves me wondering what it is that makes me feel selfish about spending the day as I did….buying clothes for myself, not actively making money, working on my photography…

…any way….

It is now after 4pm….kids are coming home from school.  Dogs need to be walked and dinner needs to be made.

Now I must switch from being Self-Indulgent back over to Responsible-Adult.

If you’re wondering, here’s a link to View Finder, my online portfolio.  It’s an ongoing (and very slow) Work In Progress.  If you’ve been following my Writing The Girl posts for the past little while, you will recognize some of these images….


Click to go to View Finder


Thanks for reading my ramblings!




-Janice 🙂


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Portfolio Updates

Oh goodie!  Portfolio Updating Day!

[insert the sound of clapping hands here.]

I get so busy with all of this writing, and the attention that Writing The Girl requires and receives, that I forget I have an online portfolio blog as well.  So, every couple of months, I go crazy and publish all of the images I have been working on.

So, my post for today is actually found spread out over 3 posts on View Finder (click here!)

Yes, many of these images have been featured in my daily blog posts, but the truth about my photography is that I am constantly shooting to build my repertoire.  My images help my words and my words help my images.  The results are displayed in both faucets of my creative life.

And creativity RULES my life!

So, please go have a look on my ever-expanding gallery.  I hope you enjoy and would love your feedback…

“Perfect Landing” -Just published on View Finder, click to see!

The Hunter Does Not Like Being Hunted.

This past weekend, my family and I had the pleasure of celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  My sisters and I threw them a wonderful party, over 100 people showed up and a good time was had by all.

There were a lot of pictures being taken.  My husband and I alone generated almost 80 pics throughout the afternoon.  Upon reviewing the images I have and the photos posted on FB by my cousins, I did a lot of cringing.

I hate getting my picture taken.  I feel raw and exposed and uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I usually try to do something “goofy” as the photo is being snapped, to try to mask my insecurity and discomfort.


A camera, when in my hands, can act as both my weapon and my shield.  I am a soldier, a commander.  I follow the rules of light and shadow and the order of subject and exposure.  The scene before me, no matter what I am looking at, is mine to capture and conquer.  However, once you take away my armour, my first instinct is to run and hide.

No, I’m not a complete sour-puss.  I just really dislike the way photos of me turn out.  My  mouth is never right.  That bump in my nose is, well, there.  And, by the way, it’s true that the camera adds pounds to a figure.  At least it does to mine.

Besides all that, the “Photog” in me always thinks I could have shot it better myself.

And I do prefer to be in control, thank you very much.  It’s no secret that I perfer to take my own pictures of myself either.  (further evidence of this can be found in my collection titled:  “Daily Reflections”)  This is the ultimate in photo-taking control.  After all, who knows my “good side” better than me?

But I am a harsh critic of myself.  I think every body is, when faced with a photograph of oneself.

~“am I really that fat?”  or, “Good GAWD, what a bad angle” or, “my hair is so…ugh”~

…so on and so forth…

Ah, yes…caught off guard, and frozen, in an instant of time.  Forever held, on display to whoever, whenever.  (and I’m talking the one-eyes-closed-mouth-open shots.  The ones you appear to be saying “duh?” in.)

Relax, I tell myself.  It’s not THAT bad.  After all, if there’s one thing the digital age has brought us, it’s the Delete Button.