True Colours

It’s Friday!  I am letting my hair down with a  simple pic I just took and rushed home to post here:  

Earlier today, I had an opportunity to go out to my friend/yoga teacher/guru’s home and studio for an impromptu photo shoot.  It was nice to spend time outdoors, chatting with someone who really inspires me, and taking in breathtaking colours around her property.

I loved the way the colours of the leaves on the trees bounced off the glass like surface of this pond.  Moments like this make me grateful for having my camera poised and ready: the shutter release becomes a “pause” button – you get to capture and keep what you experience, just as you found it.

Truly, a much needed breath of fresh air and a fitting way to cap off a hectic week.


Pretty Accident

This is not what I had in mind for today’s post.  You know what it’s like though, when find something you did by accident that is actually kind of neat….you feel the need to share it with everybody.  

I found this pic in a collection of shots I took the other morning for a product shoot.  As I was to work with the natural window light, I was firing off preliminary test shots to gauge my aperture and shutter speed.  The client had this really delicate, gauzy curtain covering a sliding glass door.  The sunlight streaming through the glass was much too harsh, however, this curtain acted as the perfect diffuser.

Just a simple image with delicate, soft lighting.  What I love most is the fact that I captured it without meaning to, or realising it.

Splash Of Colour

I spent a little time yesterday, going back over my entries from the past few weeks.  I decided that today I would add a splash of colour to my blog.

I have been having a lot of fun, allowing winter to capture my imagination and expressing myself with the dramatic displays I find with my camera.  Photographing nature is…you know…my thing.  But every once and a while, it’s good to mix it up a bit…

Well, wouldn’t you know?  I just happened to have been asked to do a studio style photo shoot for these bright, beautiful crochet scarves.

I just loved the way the yarn is brought together, so brilliant, vibrant and warm.

I spend a lot of time outside, in the snow and the cold, to capture what nature gives us.  It was a nice change to take my camera indoors, to capture a little bit of the beauty that humans can also give.

It was also nice to not freeze my toes off!

So – voila!  A splash of colour in the middle of this cold, grey season.

A welcome reprieve.

(To see more of these lovely, handmade creations go to: BusyLizzyBoutique on Etsy)