Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

The photographer in me looks for the unique-ness in my surroundings every day.

Unique characteristics are details that aren’t replicated in the exact form.


Water droplets on various surfaces are wonderful examples of unique.  Nature excels at forming individuality in patterns.  Not only are naturally occurring patterns unique, they are also mesmerizing and beautiful…not mention mysterious.

And then there are the not-so-natural “unique” patterns we can find in the everyday.  Like sprinkle donuts, for example.

IMG_9066Look at it: a tiny array of rainbow sprinkles set a top a sugar frosted pastry.  Do you think the patterns in which the sprinkles rest on the surface of this delectable treat are ever duplicated exactly from donut to donut?  They are like the snowflake of the food world…

IMG_9075-001This is a prime example of “unique”…to me anyway!

Where do you find unique-ness in the everyday?