Day 365

Only it’s not the 365th day, is it?  I think it’s Day 20, meaning the 20th day of the year – but who’s counting anyway?

I failed, dear reader.  I failed hard.  I set out in January 2016 to write and blog every day about my writing – I set a goal of 365 (or 366?) posts.  And then I didn’t reach  that goal.  I totally gave up.  Completely and utterly.

And I was okay with that.  Still am, actually.

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Day 40 of 365:

I need to take a moment and clear my head.  Too much chatter going on up there.


I need a nice long run.  Just me, my running shoes and a clear stretch of pavement.

I do some of my best thinking when I run.  The rhythm of my pace is a mantra.  It helps me focus and organize my cluttered thoughts and ideas.

I need to shake off the cobwebs and sweat out my restless musings.  I need the clarity and stillness that finds me when I am pushing my body to its limits.

I feel bogged down and ambushed by…everything.  Writing, working, life…..I need a moment of peace to sort things out.

Running brings me peace.

So I will go for a run.  And I will shake this stuff off…..




-Janice 🙂


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