Moving Right Along (post for my boys)

This is the final walk to the bus stop for the school year.  Here we are, at the dawn of the final day of academic activity until September.

This isn’t just a photograph of my son walking to the bus stop for the last time this school year.  This is the graduation from one moment to the next.  This is a farewell to 10 months of ritual and routine.  These are the steps toward two blissful months of “whatever”…of summer and the freedom it brings when you are twelve-years-old.  This is how you move forward.  This is the path of looking to what tomorrow might bring.

ah!- but the end is never truly the end, is it?  

Say good-bye to one thing, so you can say hello to the next.

My family and I are moving this summer.  We are relocating to a new house, in a new neighborhood, where my son will go to a different school in the fall.  As well, my step-sons graduated from grade 8 yesterday.  In the September, they will begin a new journey in high school.  At the same time, my son will take his first steps in a new school, with new surroundings and new classmates.

So, these words are for my boys.

Each step, be it the first or last on any part of your life’s journey, will always lead to the next.

I promise.