Taking Advantage Of Days Like This

I love this time of year.  I really do.  Especially when the temperature hovers between slightly chilly and toasty warm – with healthy doses of sunshine and crisp breezes thrown in for good measure.  It is as if Mother Nature is doing all She can to ensure our journey into the coming winter months is an easy one.

I cherish the days that are filled with sunshine.  Days that bring warmth.  Days that allow me to get outside and roam, without having to don mitts and a parka.  I love it when Fall lets me cling to bits and pieces of Summer for a few extra weeks.

Water’s Edge

Which is exactly what I did yesterday as I accompanied an a small group of students on an outdoor educational excursion.  What a glorious day to be at the water’s edge, feasting on a gorgeous display of nature as it transitions into a new season.

I was taking photos of (what else?) the leaves, nature, the kids, and all the fun stuff they were learning about.  But it is this image of blurry reflections that I like best.  Even with the distortion, you can see that they are fixated on their subjects and making some pretty cool discoveries in the swampy muck.  (They were looking for things like bugs and snails to study)

I love what I do, especially on days like this.

Drips And Drops On A May Day

Oh Spring, you luscious thing!

It has been drizzling for about 24 hours now.  The weather is finally behaving as it should do, given that we have arrived on the doorstep of May.

I found some splendid rain drops, spattered over an array of surfaces around me this morning….

I just love it when Mother Nature creates these wonderful patterns.  Like clever little mosaics, the textures jump out and capture light.  They seem bigger than they are.

This display, though, is fleeting.  The sun has come out now – all of these drips and drops of dried right up!

(if you want, click on the images to see them blown up.  The little droplets spring to life.)

Hard to believe that this time a week ago, everything was covered in 5 inches of snow….