Saturday: Caught My Eye

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

Maple Leaf (Instagram, Lo-fi)

The way the sun illuminated the leaves on a Maple tree, caught my attention.  It was the allure of the dazzling greens made me stop what I was doing – which was nothing too spectacular, only housework.  I just had to go outside and capture this splendid show.

Saturday – Canopy Of Leaves

…Yes, still preoccupied with this glorious, magnificent, positively sun-drenched, amazing three day weekend!

After working up a sweat in the garden, I took a few moments to relax under the shade of a maple tree.  This is how I say “ahhhhh”:

Canopy Of Leaves

I think I’ll go relax some more…you should do the same.



Scenes From The Sugar Bush

When its early spring in southern Ontario, the sugar bush is a long-standing tradition.  No matter your age, if you live or have grown up in this region, at some point you have witnessed the production of maple syrup at a sugar bush.

This is where I found myself today, along with my son and my parents: amongst the maple trees, lines strung up all around, feeding the sap into the evaporator.  Sweet, smokey smells filling the air.  The bubbling sound of the sap being boiled, boiled and boiled some more.

We had a quick jaunt around the farm on a covered, horse-drawn wagon.
Maple and Star, paint draught horses. This mother and daughter team are one powerful duo...
A traditional means of boiling down the sap once it was extracted from the trees...over an open flame.
Another traditional method was to boil down the sap in a hollowed out tree trunk. Hot stones were used to heat things up.
The farm, of course, uses newer technologies.
The sap in this evaporator, boiling away, smelled soooo good.

The sugar bush we visited did a great job of illustrating traditional methods, and implementing new technologies that go into producing the final result…


Sweet, simple, pure – Maple Syrup.

**If you are ever in Northhumberland County during the Maple Sugar season, check out Sandy Flat Sugar Bush.  We enjoyed a great pancake breakfast, topped with lots of maple syrup, of course.  Just friendly folks, and an amazing product!