Saturday: Orange

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)


I love the how the center of this orange poppy is peeking out  – ever so slightly.

(I also wanted to say a quick “Thanks!!!!!” for all of your input on my “Dilemma Post” from yesterday.  Your thoughts and advice are more than valuable to me!  We are hitting the road first thing tomorrow morning…so if I can post over the next few days, I will…if I can’t, than I guess I’ll have lots of catching up to do when we get back!)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I often describe my macrophotography as “crawling inside” my subjects with my camera.  Here, I did so using a Hibiscus bloom…
The blurry effect was done so by flipping my trusty 50 mm lens backwards on the body of my camera.

I must confess that this was not the image I originally planned on posting for this week’s Word Press photo challenge theme.  Severe time restrictions with my schedule prevented me from attempting to shoot “Inside” in a completely way.

I may re-visit this at a later date!


The Macro’s

I have so fallen in love with using macro photography.  Especially when it comes to flowers.  It has become a regular occurrence that I and my camera dive deep into petals and blooms.

When I was a child, I had a story book about Thumbelina, a girl so small she could crawl into flowers.  I would read and then daydream that I could be that small too.  The idea of making a bed out of a flower head seemed amazing.  I guess part of me is still that little girl, wanting to climb inside tiny, magical places….

Macro shots allow me to, in a way, be Thumbelina.

If I could, I would put an end all other activities and just spend my days capturing images at the macro level.

Here, I used my trusty 50mm lens, flipped around and held against the lens mount on my camera.  This is a very manual technique that forces you to be patient and steady.  The result is well worth the effort.  Though the focus of the image can be somewhat selective, I  find it only adds to overall effect and enhancing the dramatic tones.