Day 181 of 365:

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners}

Speaking from experience, there are fewer partnerships with a stronger bond than that which exists between horse and rider.

The Walk To The Ring

{This image is from a small series I did way back in 2012.  Seriously, the bond between this young girl and her horse was strong, like, joined-at-the-hip strong.}





(got my grove back today….)

-Janice 🙂



Sunday: Sign Language

Day 94 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image on Sunday}

I came across this today on a University campus and it gave me a chuckle…IMG_2294

Not something you expect to see on a school campus – but I wasn’t on your typical university grounds.  This is a veterinary teaching college – see the horses in the back ground?  They were everywhere.  Other animals too.  I saw a guy walking an owl.  A real live owl!  How cool is that?

None the less, seeing this sign made me do a double take.

Where I went to college, there were no horses anywhere near the campus.  I would have loved it if there were….


Happy Sunday!


-Janice 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Day 11 of 365:

How does one feel the effect of gravity?

The best way I know of is shortly after the take off, when you and your horse are mid-way over a jump.  You feel a mixture of euphoria and awe combined with the magical sensation that you and half a ton of animal are floating in mid-air.

Look for your landing….

These feelings last for mere seconds as you quickly realize that, even though both of you have defied its forces, gravity will prevail: “what goes up, must come down”.

Keep your eyes forward, find your landing, and prepare for your descent back down to earth…

{Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)}


-Janice 🙂


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