(Five Days Of Simple, Festive Images)


From my family to you and yours – I hope this Christmas Day has brought you comfort and joy.  

Warmest wishes from Writing The Girl. 

All This From A Bad Photo…

IMG_8924I had a small burst of energy this evening, after having spent the past three days laid up on the couch with a high fever and cough.

This evening I got up, made a Quiche and then tried to take a photograph of our Christmas tree.

The Quiche turned out just fine, the photograph – not so much.  My attempt is shown above – what should have been twinkling lights and delicate ornaments is nothing but confused streaks of light on a monochrome setting.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I pressed the shutter release.

As is the way my brain has been working for the past few days.  I am functioning at half speed and it is draining me.

My first reaction upon seeing my mis-placed capture was that it was unusable for anything.

But the more I studied it, the more I saw myself in those wavy lines – given my current state of affairs.  I feel as though, as what happened in the photo above, someone is hitting my shutter release before I am ready.


Or maybe I am just delirious.  Excuse me while I go take my temperature again…

(You know what though?  I have grown fond of my accidental capture.)

In The Garden On A Friday Afternoon

The air is warm.  The sun is bright, but dappled on the leaves and ground in my garden. I take a deep breath, inhaling the rich combination of earth and new plant life.  From my seat on the small stone bench under the mountain ash tree, I can quietly and observe the butterflies and other critters the flit about on tiny legs or delicate wings.  The only sounds are the occasional song of a robin, and the ‘clicks’ of my shutter.

I am finally finished work for the week – it is Friday afternoon.  My laptop has been packed away; my cell phone is inside.  At long last I have ventured outside, camera in hand.  The garden beckoned me, inviting and cool.

It’s early in the growing season yet.  Around here, Mother’s Day weekend is considered to be the official kick-off of the gardening season – this is (hopefully) when we stop getting over night frost. I know that, at some point this weekend, I will don my gardening gloves and pick up my trowel to dig into my flower beds.

But not right now…now is the time to unwind and relax in the splendour of the shade garden on a warm Friday afternoon.

Stone Bench
Purple Blooms In The Sun
Speaks To Me
Lilly Of The Valley
Sun Dappled Leaves
Bird Bath
Through The Leaves