No Help For Me

Day 84 of 365:

{One Word Prompt}


I have nothing to write about today.  So yeah, may be I need some assistance. The problem is, I dislike seeking out the help of others.  I guess I always figure I don’t anyone else’s help because I can take of myself….

got my own back

The problem is, I’ve had trouble figuring out that it doesn’t have to be that way.  I don’t have to have my own back.  I have friends.  Sisters.  Parents.  The Hubby.  Fellow writer friends.  Fellow bloggers.  The list goes on and on.

But still, requesting help is something I struggle with.


I can’t find words to write today.  So I go to the Daily Post Word Prompt page to see if the today’s topic will lend me a hand and give me some inspiration.

What do I find?  The suggestion to “write a post about the word ‘help.'”  

Well meaning I’m sure, but at the same time – are you kidding me?

Absolutely no help at all!



An Eternally Struggling Writer,

-Janice 🙂


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{?} The Travelling Blog Posts {?}

Okay, dear readers….this Girl needs your opinion today! I am trying to figure out a bit of a dilemma:

  • I blog each and every day – have been doing so for the better part of 8 months.
  • The Family and I are about to embark on a much needed vacation that will take us into the good ‘ol U.S of A (not our homeland!).
  • We will be gone for 4 (FOUR) whole days.
  • Our destination will take us to a region where internet/wifi connections are somewhat questionable… “iffy” …downright unreliable.  
  • Also, because we will be in a different country, my smart phone will be useless!  (no iPhone WordPress app)

So.  Yeah.  Seeing as my daily posts are quite reflective of my mood or what ever has caught my attention, my topics are usually (somewhat) spontaneous…

How do I approach this?

I could either:

Use the handy-dandy post scheduler.  I would have to be uber-organised and think up 4 simple posts.  I would then have to work out a pre-fixed time for each one to be published.  This also involves merely crossing my fingers and praying that I clicked on all the right settings.  (this makes me nervous – really nervous.)

~ Or ~

Wing it and try to find a wifi connection I can trust each day.  (REALLY nervous about this approach as well!!!)

Aaaargh!!!  Help!!!

What would you do???

(and no, simply not blogging for almost a week is not an option!)