Friday: Canadian Kitsch

Day 162 of 365:

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These little guys watched me eat my lunch today:   Lumberjack Beavers?

Seriously, these are the most Canadian salt and pepper shakers I think I have ever come across.

So awesome….

Had to share!

(it’s a Canadian thing…)


Happy Friday!

-Janice 🙂


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Yes, I Googled.

Day 134 of 365:

Friday, Friday, here you are!

I am super excited to be done this week because that means tomorrow is Saturday.

Why am I so excited for Saturday?  Aside from the usual reason (it’s the weekend) tomorrow I happen to be going to city to attend a writing workshop.

I am so excited!  (oops – mentioned that already…)


Checking in with the novel progress this week… It’s going slow (still) but, it’s a good slow as I am refining my writing style, really paying attention to the each scene, being mindful of details and descriptions.  I’ve taken on the whole “show, don’t tell”  approach.

I also started using dictation as part of my process too, having bought a small digital voice recorder to use during those times when I can’t physically grab a pen and my notebook to scribble my thoughts down – which almost always happens when I am behind the wheel.  You know, at first I was skeptical of recording my voice and playing it back later on to write with.  But it’s really kinda cool.  And fun.   Also a great way to organize my often sporadic ideas.

Still researching as I write my novel though.  As ideas pop into my head, I’ll write then down and type them into good old Google to see what else I might be able pick up and use.  I can see now that writing a novel is as much about putting words down on paper as it is about research and exploration.

things i googled May 13-writing-the-girl

Happy Friday, peeps!

I will follow up with details of the workshop after tomorrow!




-Janice 🙂


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Day 127 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Shadow}

Some shade and a welcome break:


…when you find refuge from the sun under the awning on a patio of a cafe on a busy street.  Within this sheltered space, take a break, sip an iced tea and watch the city as it moves about…

…from your vantage point between the shadow and light.



-Janice 🙂