(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

jalapeño cornbread
jalapeño cornbread

I don’t know about you, but I do most of my baking on Saturday and Sunday.  This fresh loaf of jalapeño cornbread I whipped up today was not made entirely from scratch…it came from a from a pre-mixed package that was in a gift basket The Hubby and I received.

It was super simple to prepare, made my house smell awesome and tastes wonderful right out of the oven, sliced and topped with butter.  I can’t stop munching on it…

Hope you are having an awesome weekend so far!



This is not the greenery I usually photograph.

The other day I took a bunch of Kale out to a dear friend and Yoga guru, Fortunata, so she could make me a batch of her delicious and oh-so nutritious, crunchy chips.  Today I got the call: my order was ready to be picked up.

kale chips Now, I realise that turning a leafy green veggie into snack food may seem unappealing to some people – but trust me – this stuff is amazing.

Honestly, I ate most of them on the way home.

I don’t know exactly what Fortunata did to the bunch of kale I gave her – I understand a dehydrator was involved along with an awesome combination of spices and various seasonings – but WOW…I have a new addiction.

Of course, I had to photograph my chips – for the sake of posterity.

My kale maker herself, who is somewhat of a raw food aficionado and expert on healthy eating, posted this article on her own blog, Raw Food Yogini.  Please go check it out!

Slow Cooking On A Cold Day

What the barbeque is to summer, the slow cooker is to winter.

As soon as I feel it is cold enough outside to wear socks and dust off my mittens, I have uncontrollable urges to cook all my meals for as many hours a possible.

One of my favourite dishes to do with my trusty crock pot is none other than Chicken Cacciatore.  I have a few recipes that I have used over the years.  Now a days, I pretty much just make it up as I go along.  Cacciatore means hunter in Italian.  I find this fitting as I hunt around my kitchen for various fresh veggies and herbs to add to my slowly simmering and savoury concoction….

To begin, I coat all my chicken pieces, in about 3 tablespoons of flour.  Browning up the meat in a frying pan with some olive oil locks in juices and adds flavour:

Then I get busy with the veggies, chopping here and slicing there….

And the herbs!   Can’t forget about the basil and the thyme, of which I was pleased to discover I had fresh, copious amounts of in my fridge this morning.  It doesn’t need to stop with the fresh stuff – I always through in a couple of spoonfuls of dried oregano.

Once all the basics are ready to go, I add in the liquids.  Canned, diced tomatoes, chicken broth and white wine blend together harmoniously, adding layers of flavour and rounding out the all of the components.


Voila! – A pot full of dinner that will cook, and cook….and cook…all afternoon – filling the entire house with awesome aromas of tomato, chicken and herbs.

Egg noodles act as the perfect platform when it comes time to serve it all up:


Chicken Cacciatore is the perfect dish for the first, truly cold days in December, like today.

It warms you up – from the inside out.

IMG_8861Bon appetit!

(My absolute favourite recipe for Chicken Cacciatore can be found in this amazing cook book.  I also like Giada De Laurentiis’ version, which is not presented as a slow cooker recipe – just add a bit more wine or broth as needed.  I omitted the capers because The Hubby abhors them.  Though I think they are an awesome add-in you should try!)