Oh, Look. It’s Wet Paw Season.

Day 53 of 365

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons}

Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

I have three dogs.  That’s three sets of furry paws.  A total of 12 dog feet.

Seasons to me are not always so much about changing foliage that signals the onset of  Autumn; longer hours of sunlight during the day that tells us Spring is coming; hearing crickets and tree frogs when we enjoy a warm, early Summer evening sitting on the porch.

Seasons in my house revolve around which category the state of the dog’s feet are in after being outside:

-Dry feet mean it is Summer.

-Wet, muddy, dirty feet, all caked with sand, and goo, and gunk, let us know it is either Spring, Winter or Fall.


I love my dogs, I really do.  Can’t imagine our family without them.  But good gawd, they track a lot of whatever is going on outside into my house.  And on to my floors.  Which means we spend most of the year cleaning and wiping dirty paws.

Currently, with this warm, spring-like winter we are having, I am up to my eyeballs in muddy dog feet.

Another reason why I cannot wait for Summer.




-Janice 🙂


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Four Workdays and a Funeral…

This is NOT one of my “Favourite Things On A Friday” post.

I seem to have fallen ass-backward, as per usual, into work I am not sure I have time for, but don’t want to turn down the opportunity or experience.  Monday through Thursday were all about jumping through hoops, finding my legs, and navigating a new schedule.  Fun fact about me: I am not well equipped to handle change to my normal routine.  But that’s okay, I will eventually adapt, as I always manage to do.

That was my four workdays.

Today?  Today is a shitty way to end and a very long week: we are going to celebrate and honour a life lived and lost to cancer.  My husband’s aunt put up a long and valiant fight against this cruel and terrible disease.  Cancer won.

It’s sad and it’s raw, but it’s real and it’s here.

This morning we will pick up a freshly dry-cleaned and pressed suit.  I will choose black pumps, my black hand-bag, and apply water-proof mascara in preparation for tears that will be shed.  The weather is cloudy and cool.  The only colour in the sky is that of the changing leaves on trees.  An overcast day to fit our gloomy mood.

Children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nephews, and nieces will gather. This is not the family event any of us want to attend.  Words will be spoken about a kind, gentle, giving person who loved her family and her husband.  It will not be hard to find warmth in the way we will look back on her life.  Saying good-bye is the hard part.  Watching the heartache is harder still.

Autumn Leaves, Gloomy Day.

Afterward, we will come home.  Life will continue as it should.

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.  I will be especially thankful for what I have, for my family, for what we share and what we have to look forward to together.

Funny how death puts these things in perspective…

I wish this was a happier post.


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Saturday: One Of Many

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

No End In Sight

Just one of many in a sea of fallen leaves.  Is there any end to this?  I wonder…I forget what it feels like to look down and see the green of the grass.  An impossibly cold chill has taken over the air.  A relentless wind does nothing but force the last of the leaves from the trees down on to the ground.


What a mess….