Only Forward

Day 88 of 365:

Didn’t happen.   Hello Migraine.  :/  Thank you.  Thank you very much for ruining my day.

Day 89: of 365:

Only Forward – that’s the direction I am moving toward.  I see no point in dwelling on what did or did not happen.

I can’t wait for this weekend to get here.  From Friday to Sunday, I will be on a university campus, running a course (part of my day-job).  Totally looking forward to it.  Now my eagerness does have an ulterior motive, I must admit.  Aside from doing my job, which of course is a lot of fun, I will also be scoping out the campus to get some inspiration.  Inspiration to finish writing the chapter that has had me stumped for the past three months.  Why?  It takes place on a university campus, that’s why.  The last time I was on this particular campus, I was infused with oodles of writing material for weeks and weeks.  It was awesome.  I can’t wait!

Moving right along….

Only Forward was my mantra this afternoon during a Kripalu yoga class I went to.  The words just floated into my mind as I stepped onto my mat.  I didn’t need to have a mantra.  Mantra’s are not a Kripalu requirement at all, but the practice does center around mindfulness.  And so there it was.  Only Forward, Only Forward, Only Forward…just floating around my head like a butterfly. Two simple words attached to the rhythm of my breath, so I went with it.

If I had been able to post a Motive Me Monday post, Only Forward would be it.

Lotus Flower





-Janice 🙂


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Taking Advantage Of Days Like This

I love this time of year.  I really do.  Especially when the temperature hovers between slightly chilly and toasty warm – with healthy doses of sunshine and crisp breezes thrown in for good measure.  It is as if Mother Nature is doing all She can to ensure our journey into the coming winter months is an easy one.

I cherish the days that are filled with sunshine.  Days that bring warmth.  Days that allow me to get outside and roam, without having to don mitts and a parka.  I love it when Fall lets me cling to bits and pieces of Summer for a few extra weeks.

Water’s Edge

Which is exactly what I did yesterday as I accompanied an a small group of students on an outdoor educational excursion.  What a glorious day to be at the water’s edge, feasting on a gorgeous display of nature as it transitions into a new season.

I was taking photos of (what else?) the leaves, nature, the kids, and all the fun stuff they were learning about.  But it is this image of blurry reflections that I like best.  Even with the distortion, you can see that they are fixated on their subjects and making some pretty cool discoveries in the swampy muck.  (They were looking for things like bugs and snails to study)

I love what I do, especially on days like this.

Moving Right Along (post for my boys)

This is the final walk to the bus stop for the school year.  Here we are, at the dawn of the final day of academic activity until September.

This isn’t just a photograph of my son walking to the bus stop for the last time this school year.  This is the graduation from one moment to the next.  This is a farewell to 10 months of ritual and routine.  These are the steps toward two blissful months of “whatever”…of summer and the freedom it brings when you are twelve-years-old.  This is how you move forward.  This is the path of looking to what tomorrow might bring.

ah!- but the end is never truly the end, is it?  

Say good-bye to one thing, so you can say hello to the next.

My family and I are moving this summer.  We are relocating to a new house, in a new neighborhood, where my son will go to a different school in the fall.  As well, my step-sons graduated from grade 8 yesterday.  In the September, they will begin a new journey in high school.  At the same time, my son will take his first steps in a new school, with new surroundings and new classmates.

So, these words are for my boys.

Each step, be it the first or last on any part of your life’s journey, will always lead to the next.

I promise.