Saturday: Wasabi or Fresh Apple…

Day 100 of 365:

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Green is deliciously crisp, isn’t it?  It’s a colour that makes me feel alive.

Trying to decide which of these vibrant expressions of green to paint the walls of my currently drab laundry room.  Wasabi, Fresh Apple or Luscious Lime?  This photo doesn’t do the actual colour chips justice…this is a really hard decision to make!

Of all the rooms in the house, the laundry room is where I most definitely need an injection of the energy green gives me, so…

Which green is the right green?

*…decisions, decisions…*


Happy Saturday, folks!


-Janice 🙂


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(my response to today’s One Word Prompt on The Daily Post: Green)


Sunday: Handmade

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Some things will always be better purely because your child has done them.

Sure, I may have secret fantasies of creating a perfectly bedazzled gingerbread house.  One so stunningly perfect – Martha Stewart herself would weep with joy…

But honestly, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as the one decorated by my son.

Saturday: Removal

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Me, removing a very 80’s – esq wall paper from a bedroom in our new house.

Out with some else’s old to make way for my new.

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