Sunday: Those Colours…

Day 87 of 365:

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Easter Sunday….a bowl full of colourful, sugary Easter treats.  This is one of my favourite holidays, mostly because of the soft pastel colours that come along with it.

Happy Easter, if you’re celebrating.

Happy Sunday!



-Janice 🙂



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Not much more to add to this…I thought I would merely show some random acts of colour I found both around my house and in my photo archives…

The only thing I will say about this week’s photo challenge theme is that I find completely ironic, as I look out my window, how utterly devoid my world is of colour at the moment.   If we had sunshine and warmth, my “colour photos” would have been taken in my back garden.  As of today, we’ve had four days of cold and rain, and are expected to get four more days of rain, turning into…SNOW.  It seems spring is taking it’s time shower us with green, yellow and all the other hues associated with it.  All I see is grey and brown.

I guess grey and brown are colours though, aren’t they?

(**I have to get back to writing!  Next week, I may change things up a bit – less photos, more words…I was thinking of picking a random Daily Writing Prompt and just going with it.)


Saturday: One Of Many

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

No End In Sight

Just one of many in a sea of fallen leaves.  Is there any end to this?  I wonder…I forget what it feels like to look down and see the green of the grass.  An impossibly cold chill has taken over the air.  A relentless wind does nothing but force the last of the leaves from the trees down on to the ground.


What a mess….