June Recap

Day 183 or 365:

In June, I blogged….

…June was an uncomfortable month for me.  It was frustrating.

I finally finished the chapter I had been working on since last January.  It somehow clocked in at 65,000-ish words.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will be severely cutting and editing it, but I can’t worry about that at the moment; I have to keep writing.  So on to the next chapter it is.  Progress, however,  has been slow.  I think I’ve only written something 6 pages in the past few weeks.

June was very disjointed – I actually took a four or five day hiatus from blogging, mostly due to work, largely just to give myself a break.  I have gotten very good at self-forgiveness this time around.

Now suddenly the year is half over and I can’t believe it’s July already.  But that’s okay with me; I am quite happy to see June to the door and bid it farewell.

Days blogged: 24 of 30

Progress on novel: 3,618 words this month – started “Chapter #3″….have since stalled.  Big time.

July better be….better…..

Namaste, and Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks.

-Janice 🙂


April Recap

Day 123 of 365:

April was….

It was a month of strides and slides: For all that I wrote, I seemed to re-write as well.  Sometimes I feel like my writing is stuck on treadmill….. I’m moving, but not really going anywhere.

Days Blogged: 29 of 30 (argh)

Progress on my novel: 8100-ish words written.

Bring it on, May!


-Janice 🙂

March Recap

Day 91 of 365:

{Sidenote: This is my 500th post on Writing The Girl!  Do I get a gold star  or a hug for this blogging milestone????}


End of another month.  Yikes!

For me, March has been a strange, jumbled, and extremely productive 31 days.  It’s been a month of pushing my own boundaries and finding balance.  I struggled to get some of my posts published, mostly due to a shift in my focus.  I am happy to say I made quite a bit of progress on my novel.  Finally!

And yes, between here and there, I did a whole lot of creating…

and writing…



Days posted: 30 out of 31 (damn you, Migraine!)

Progress on my novel: 11,229 words (fist bump!)


Bring it on, April!




-Janice 🙂


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