Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

A fleeting moment is like a fugitive on the run.

Fleeting is an impermanent occasion.  A reality that quickly dissolves, becoming nothing more than a memory…

momentary rosebud

Fleeting is transient – look closely – try to grasp what you may.  It will slip through your fingers.  Inevitably bound to fade away…


What a wonderful word “fleeting” is.  Divinely imaginative, it conjures both thoughts and emotions…a delicious word that a hungry writer can easily turn into a topic!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Early Morning Illumination 

The glow from my desk lamp brings highlights and lowlights to a few of my favourite things at 6am: A framed quote by Gilda Radner, a vintage basket-weave purse and retro shot glass, an old wind chime, and various other small trinkets I like to keep near me while I am at work…


Saturday: Black And White Night

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

IMG_8909So much heavy darkness covers everything.  The only thing breaking it up is the glare of street lights, trying to penetrate the thick blanket of fog.