Sunday: Tone

Day 17 of 365:

{Simple, Single Image On Sunday}

Hoar Frost, Black and White

Yes, still tinkering with tone on tone.  Yesterday, I used a white subject against a white background.  Today, my subject is still blending into its surroundings, but in black and white instead of colour.

I think I like this one better…but it still needs work.


Happy Sunday!


-Janice 🙂



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Sunday: Still {and a haiku}

Day 3 of 365

{Simple, Single Image on Saturday and Sunday}

miley sitting still_img

Still of the morning

Light replaces the darkness 

The day now begins.


(just a little haiku to describe how this image, shot early this morning with my phone, makes me feel.)

Happy Sunday!

-Janice 🙂


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Must Be A Guy Thing

My hubby recently purchased a new barbeque.  You’d think this acquisition was the most important event of his adult life.  Okay – well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit…but my goodness.

It had to be the biggest, shiniest grill available.  There was no room for compromise.

Did I mention it also had to have the most knobs and dials of any barbeque ever?

Like I said – must be a guy thing…

(I’ll admit, I thought it would make for a pretty picture!)