Sunday: Arts and Crafts

Day 59 of 365:

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Just glanced down at my coffee table, which is always littered with the supplies of whatever project I am working on.  It reminded me of an arts and crafts table… 20160228_082911-Tilt-Shift-1456666688883

I think I do more colouring now than when I was a child.  :p

…time to get on with my day…

Happy Sunday.  I hope it is nice and relaxing for you.


-Janice 🙂


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Ink Night (Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction)

To my dear, dear confidant and partner in crime, the lovely Miss L – please don’t tear a strip off me for posting this:


The Night L And J Got All Inked Up – And Then Drunk.

It was the night of a thousand, ink-stained needles.  A night involving a guy so covered in his own art he made the Sistine Chapel look plain.  You getting your precious, beautifully designed seahorse – I, a cluster of stars to accompany that lonely moon I have had for many years.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall having this much fun the last time I got a tattoo…

L,  you must understand – when presented with a challenge to show and write about a moment captured in “true happiness”, I simply had to choose this one.  How could two grown women teeter on the edge such reckless, aimless fun?  The wine helped dull the residual sting, didn’t it?  Those giddy, irrepressible “We-Just-Did-Something” feelings bubbling up in uncontrollable fits of laughter.  Our husbands shaking their heads as we sang “Painted Ladies and a Bottle of Wine!”

Dear Miss L – this was a moment of sheer goofy-ness that has been etched, quite literally, into both of us forever.

And ever.

Seriously – tattoos, like photographs, are forever you know.

As a matter of fact, the same could be said about our friendship!

awwwwe….  🙂

Sunday: Vintages{2}

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old books, window light
old books, window light

Second only to our collection of cameras is our library of both old and new books.  The Hubby and I have acquired quite a few vintage publications, handed down from parents and grandparents…even great grandparents.  With their yellowed pages and that faint musty smell brought on by age – I love the characteristics of an old hard cover as much as I love the written words they contain.

Nothing sets off a crowded bookshelf like a few antique volumes here than there.