April Recap

Day 123 of 365:

April was….

It was a month of strides and slides: For all that I wrote, I seemed to re-write as well.  Sometimes I feel like my writing is stuck on treadmill….. I’m moving, but not really going anywhere.

Days Blogged: 29 of 30 (argh)

Progress on my novel: 8100-ish words written.

Bring it on, May!


-Janice 🙂

March Recap

Day 91 of 365:

{Sidenote: This is my 500th post on Writing The Girl!  Do I get a gold star  or a hug for this blogging milestone????}


End of another month.  Yikes!

For me, March has been a strange, jumbled, and extremely productive 31 days.  It’s been a month of pushing my own boundaries and finding balance.  I struggled to get some of my posts published, mostly due to a shift in my focus.  I am happy to say I made quite a bit of progress on my novel.  Finally!

And yes, between here and there, I did a whole lot of creating…

and writing…



Days posted: 30 out of 31 (damn you, Migraine!)

Progress on my novel: 11,229 words (fist bump!)


Bring it on, April!




-Janice 🙂


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April Re-Cap

There goes another month!  Life is getting busier and busier as the year marches on.  I thought my shooting had slowed down in April, what with the “day job” and all.  I had myself convinced my April Re-Cap post would pale in comparison with my previous month’s photographic out-put.  I was wrong!  I am only posting my personal favourite shots here, and it is quite the lengthy collection.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone immensely for your support and encouragement.  I also want to welcome the latest Writing The Girl followers.  I hope you enjoy what I have to say and show as much as I enjoy…well – saying and showing things!

April was kind of mixed bag, as far as the weather was concerned.  My camera and I experienced everything from warm, sunny days and bright luscious flowers to a complete blanket of snow.  Of course, I got creative and let my hair down with the Weekly Photo Challenges, always a surprise there ! Yes, with April, I never knew what was going pop up next…

Hyacinth, Sprouting
Blue Sky
Purse, Shoes
Pillows, Arranged
Grass, Sun
Forsythia (close-up)
Hyacinth, Starting
Grass, Snow (!)
Sun Hat
Grape Hyacinth
Book (dictionary)
Hyacinth, Blooms

…What an awesome month!

Cheers to all and happy blogging!!