And Another…

Day 118 of 365:

Abstract, 2nd Post)

I’m thinking people will look at this photo and go “huh?”.  I am also thinking that are some of you will know what this is.

I am confident, however, that there is at one person on this planet that will not only know exactly what this is, but will also be able to state the make, model and year of manufacture.

Yes, Dad.  I am dedicating this abstract piece to you….

At The Grill

( I blogged yesterday about cropping and structuring an image to hint at what may exist beyond the borders of the frame.  Here is another example of one of my more “abstract” photographic compositions.)

Busy writing today – just a quick post so I don’t get too distracted!


-Janice 🙂



Another Day, Another List…

Day 106 of 365:

My fingers ache.  My spine needs a good, long stretch.  I discovered this week that when I sit in my office chair for six hours straight, it makes my “derriere” fall asleep.  You know that feeling you get when you sit cross-legged on the floor for too long, and you have that tingling sensation in your foot?  um – yeah…..

On the flip side,  I’ve accomplished tons and tons.  My word count is around 10,000 for the past 5 days.  So the physical discomfort from being glued to my desk all week is very much justified.  You could say that I am wearing my tingly backside like a badge of honour.

And now I am here: Friday afternoon.  It is 3 pm, and I am gladly taking a break.  My reward is that I will go to a yoga class later this afternoon.  Then my son will come home from school and the weekend will officially begin.  We will go out for dinner and I will regale my family members with all the cool fun-facts I learned this week while conducting spontaneous bouts of online research in order to make it appear like I actually know what I am writing about…things i googled_apr_15

Life is good.

And yes, lists are awesome.

Have a great Friday…




-Janice 🙂


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Monday = Mantra

Day 74 of 365:

{Motivate Me}

man·tra (măn′trə, mŭn′-)

(originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
a Vedic hymn.
a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Setting intentions and repeating a mantra is one of my favourite things about practicing yoga.  This serves as an anchor, giving guidance and direction to the mind as your body floats through the asanas or when sitting in stillness during meditation.

Lately I find myself repeating mantras and setting intentions for myself when I am off my yoga mat as well.  It helps me stay rooted and on track with all this writing I insist upon doing.

I thought, why not make Monday meaningful by setting an intention, giving myself motivation and inspiration to follow through out my day each week?  Why not share it here and maybe motive someone else too?

To me, Monday is like hitting the “play” button – the gears and cogs get to work, turning and setting the pace for the next five days.

So I give you Motive Me Monday – where by I post an inspirational quote or a “mantra” that sets the tone for the week….

lose fear




-Janice 🙂


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