(self portrait…)

Day 4

Things I have re-learned in the past four days:

I easily convince myself that I am off my game.

Habits are hard to form. (this is a story I tell myself when I can’t find the motivation to write.)

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Day 139 of 365:

One of those days where I just don’t want to do a blog post.  I am (at this moment) totally consumed by  my novel, which makes writing here a total hassle.


I figured when I started my year #365daysofwriting that there would be days like this.  I just didn’t think there would be so many!

Now, if you don’t mind, leave me alone!






-Janice 🙂


on writing...
on writing…

Light Gets In

Day 138 of 365:


I love, love, love this Leonard Cohen quote:

light gets in

I’m in a “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” frame of mind today.

Third chapter is a page away from being complete….in this draft anyway….



-Janice 🙂