On Killing My Darlings….

Day 160 of 365:

At the moment, as far as I am concerned, truer words have never been spoken when it comes to writing:

kill your darlings_sk

I have just spent the past five days killing one of my Darlings.  Over and over and over again.

No, I haven’t taken to murder, not in the real world anyway….

I think I am becoming far too emotionally attached to my characters – is it normal to feel so much remorse over the writing of their death that it sends you plunging into despair?

I get it that writers have to write their stories as they need to be told.  I understand fully that it’s not all rainbows and lollipops, love and happy endings.

It’s just that, when I come to the realization that certain people I’ve created have a time bomb attached to them, that their place in the world I have conceived will draw to an abrupt, poignant end, it tears me up a little.  Especially when they don’t really deserve to die, not by any fault of their own, other than the fact that their death helps greater good (the plot) move along and provides motivation for the other characters to unfold and do what ever it is they need to do.

It’s tough, all of these emotional trappings, and I really feel like I am getting stuck.  I’m learning though, with each twist and turn as I create them, that I can do this.  That the pieces of the puzzle that is this story are falling neatly into place, and a clear picture of my vision is starting to take shape…. and you know what?  It makes sense.  

So I am sorry, my Darlings, that some of you will die.  But thank you, for what it’s worth.  And know that you have given me more than even I thought possible.




-Janice 🙂


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Mindful Purpose

Day 154 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Purpose}

Purpose quote

In my 40 years on this planet, I’ve set down many a path in life, only to realize, usually with frustration, that I was not going in the direction that suited me best.  That the ground beneath my feet was felt uneven and not made for me to walk upon.

For all those times when I’ve thought “Okay – I guess this is where I am supposed to be”, but couldn’t convince myself that this was true.  All those times I arrived at one juncture or another but couldn’t be happy.  All those times I thought I was in the right place, but felt lost at the same time.

Coming through these moments (or months and years), and then finally landing and knowing, with absolute certainty, YES.  I have arrived.  I am doing exactly what I am meant to.  

If you are struggling to find that space in the world that makes you feel whole, you’ll get there.  You will end up exactly where you should be.  You will know you are there because you will not feel lost, you will not struggle to navigate the terrain.  You won’t need a map – you will just know your way around and it will feel like the brightest, most comfortable place in the universe.

It took me along to realize that my purpose in life is to be writer.  There was a lot of doubt and struggle to see what was there all along.

But I did.  And I do.

And you will too.




-Janice 🙂


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Light Gets In

Day 138 of 365:


I love, love, love this Leonard Cohen quote:

light gets in

I’m in a “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” frame of mind today.

Third chapter is a page away from being complete….in this draft anyway….



-Janice 🙂