The ‘Eve…

It’s the day before November 1st.  To most people, today is just Halloween….but to people like me….

But to me it’s the day before NaNoWriMo….National Novel Writing Month.  In less than 24 hours, I will embark, yet again, on a 30 day journey of writing with abandon.  The destination is 50,000 words that will hopefully resemble something that has the the beginnings of what one might be able to call a book.

I have been at this for 8 years.  I love it. I hate it. I say never again. And then I come back year after year….

I am turning the next month in to an opportunity to not just advance my novel, but also to re-commit to Writing the Girl. To do this, I am challenging myself to use my long neglected blog to chronicle 30 days of writing and what it looks like to be a part time novelist and live a full time life.

Here. We. Go.