Hump Day and Heat

Day 195 of 365:

Happy Hump Day?  Happy Half-Way-Through-The-Week Day?  Sure, why not.

Oh the heat today – wow.  Humidity and high temps don’t usually bother me, you know that, right?  I am a total summer girl – but my goodness.  Even I’ll admit I was feeling more than a little sweaty today.  And yes, it kinda got to me.

But giving the garden a drink and letting the water wash over my bare toes was nice…a fun way to bring down my internal thermometer a few degrees….


And that’s all I have for today.  A crazy-busy work schedule kept me from doing any writing and I don’t really have the energy anyway.  Though my novel was on my mind quite a bit as I made a two-hour commute in my car this afternoon.  Long drives are excellent for sorting things out in your head.  I suppose I could do some work tonight on the old WIP, but….well…..I won’t.  I’ll just go to bed, hot and sweaty and exhausted, and then get up with the birds at 5 am tomorrow morning and power though a couple of thousand words.  Same old, same old.

Why do I feel like I am rambling?

Gonna go back outside and finish watering my garden, I think…maybe splash around a bit in the sprinkler.  They say that tomorrow is going to be even hotter….

Namaste and keep cool, where ever you are.

-Janice 🙂



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