Day 187 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Layers}

This word makes me think of my day – or should say, it makes me think of my life, and all the many layers, components and facets, that I stack, one on top of the other, as I make my way through each day.

Picture, if you will, a slab cake…..

There’s the Writer Layer – that’s on the bottom because I start my day working on my novel.  And I kind of need it to be my anchor.

Then there’s the Marketing Genius (ha) Layer – this the thickest, juiciest layer as it takes up most of my time.

Don’t  forget the Mom Layer – it is wedged firmly in between the work layer and the writer layer.  It has the most flavour.

And of course, I cannot leave out the ME Layers, which are kind of like the sweet sticky frosting slathered throughout.  There’s the Yoga-Addict Layer.  The Blogger Layer.  The Give-Me-a-Glass-of-Wine-Layer.  They may change position, moving and fluctuating as their importance is often dictated by the needs of all the other layers.  But I always make sure they are there – somewhere….  20160705_095907….and now I kind of want some cake….





-Janice 🙂



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