Attention Span = Zilch.

Day 179 of 365:  Migraine Hell.
Day 180 of 365:
Motivation = All Time Low.
I mean, I did work today – but not on my novel.  When it comes to writing, my attention span is somewhere between here and there, but really, it’s nowhere.
Here is what I have written today:
As defined by Google:
  1. 1.
    “I did absolutely zilch”

Seriously.  I just sat down to compose a blog post and ended up mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed for 20 minutes and then somehow ended up on YouTube looking at videos of cats for an additional half hour.

Here is a picture of a rose, because that’s all I have in the way of creativity for today….


(I think I have post migraine brain-fog….)



-Janice 🙂

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