Close Enough, Far Away

Day 169 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: City}


The word city will always mean one thing: home.

Even though I moved away from my home city (Toronto) many years ago, and really, I am not that far away from it, but going back always bring a sense of three things:




I am lucky that I travel to Toronto often for work – so even though I have laid new roots, and am thoroughly ensconced in small town life, I get to visit my place of birth, even if for fleeting moments here and there, often.  I have gained a new perspective of Toronto, and a new appreciation for its character, charm and sights.  The city always surprises me, in little ways.  Seeing it with fresh eyes tugs at my memories, in bits and pieces.  And I always discover something in the city that I didn’t know was there.

Like this sculpture I stumbled upon last weekend when I was at U of T for a conference:


I am actually traveling back down to the city tomorrow for a writing symposium at one of the universities downtown….so more on the topic of my city will be coming in the next few posts, you can be sure of that.

What is “City” to you?



-Janice 🙂


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