What Opens

Day 168 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Open}

What opens?

Doors open.

Stores open.

Windows opens – ushering in gentle, warm, cleansing breezes.

Eyes open.

Arms open.

Legs open.

Mouths open – eliciting yawns, gasps…. delighted oh’s and ah’s.

Books open.

Boxes open.

Jars open  – lids cast aside by excited hands hungrily in search of something yummy from within.20160616_163700

Flowers open.

Clouds open.

The ground can even open – swallowing you whole.

Lots of things open, don’t they?

But, I think, most importantly…

Minds open – to ideas, to love, to receive, to explore.  To accept.  To dream.

To see.  To question. To embrace.

To curiosity…

To adventure.open mind


– Janice 🙂


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