Five Things On Day 155

Day 155 of 365:

Five things that have happened (and are still happening) today (and it has been a very, VERY, long day):

#1:  I have been awake for over 16 hours and have to be up and back to work in less than 7….just so I can repeat it all tomorrow.

#2:  I received three pieces of bad news today.  And one good.  The good news (my son has landed his first job) totally outweighs all the bad news combined.  This may seem like unbalanced balance, but that is fine with me.  At the end of a long day with lots of downs but one really big up, I can still smile.

#3: Despite all of my running around, working since before the sun came up and barely slowing down, I still somehow managed to write almost 2000 words in my novel.  On my lunch break.  And you know what?  I just re-read it and it’s not bad.

#4: At the moment, I am sitting in my bed typing this and getting ready for sleep, but I am not the least bit tired.  Hopefully that will change when I turn the light out.  It probably won’t though: I am totally wired.

#5: My feet hurt and I have realized that I hate wearing shoes.  My feet are happiest when they are naked.  Why?  Why must we wear shoes????  IMG_8006

(Not a pic of my happy foot today.  This one was taken back in 2012…but see the joy spreading in my toes?  Very happy.)


Good night all.




-Janice 🙂


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