May Recap

Day 152 of 365:

The month of writing that was May….

May was….awesome.  Get this:  I wrote 56 pages of  new material for my novel.  The last time I was this productive with my writing was last November.  I owe  this in part to the writing course I ventured to early in the month.  What an amazing experience.  It was only half a day, but I learned so much about my writing and how to make sense of this insurmountable task I have placed upon myself.  (I also learned I am far from alone).

I approached my writing from different angles.  I started using a digital voice recorder (my dicto-stick!) and also implemented Character Sketches into the structure of my process.

Another approach, to keep my momentum going, was making more of an effort to take part in the Daily Post writing prompts, utilizing an extremely valuable tool that is always at my finger tips: The WordPress community.

I can also honestly say that it was sheer will and determination to start making some legitimate headway on my re-writes and second draft.

In other words:  I buckled down, and got my ass in gear.

Days blogged: 31 of 31

Progress on novel: 25, 673 words (and counting, May isn’t officially over for 3 more hours as I type this.)

I was totally on fire this month.

Onward to June!



-Janice 🙂


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