Blank (but not for long)

Day 151 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt: Blank}

What does the word “blank” mean to me?

If you’ve been following blog for any length of time, you will (perhaps) have gathered from my photos that my notebook always seems to be close by.

It is.

For you see, my notebook has always been my confident, companion and indispensable assistant: I am a writer….

notebook cluster

Time and time again, when as the mere itch of an idea starts bop and bang its way around my head, it is my notebook, where there is always a blank page or two, I reach for.  I do this, perhaps, for convenience; there is always one close by.  Maybe it is because before I could type, before laptops even existed, I knew how to put pen to paper.  Or maybe it is nothing more than the trust and the innate understanding that my notebook is infallible, immediately indelible, and absolutely trustworthy: it will never crash, never lose power, succumb to a virus or have its contents deleted at the simple touch of a button.

There are few things in a writers life that are sweeter than the allure or a blank page.  And a little, compact booklet of vast, empty pages is a fresh-faced canvas waiting for the colourful stroke of an artist’s paint brush.

A blank notebook is a thousand possibilities.  It is a place where worlds and beings are conceived and born.  Questions that start with “What If”  and “Why Not” will set down roots and spread with hungry, uncensored abandon.  Words of comfort, of pain, of joy will be spilled.  Deepest, darkest secrets that humans, sisters, brothers, best friends, cannot handle are scratched out on to the pages of a notebook, it’s cover trusted, and rightly so, to hold them tight.  IMG_2170

In short, give me a blank notebook and you give me universe to create, to explore…to flesh out anything and everything I can possibly imagine.

Pages begging to be filled – what can be better than that?

(can you tell I am passionate about my notebook?)



-Janice 🙂


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