Day 137 of 365:



This. Is. Everything.

It’s a character sketch.  My first one ever.

Confession time: when it comes to writing, I’m a total Pantser. As in, besides a basic outline, I pre-plan almost nothing and write by the seat of my pants; I let the story come to me as I go.  As opposed to Plotters, who plan almost every meticulous detail of their plot before they even pick up a pen.

So, I mentioned earlier that I went to a writing workshop over the weekend.  It was amazing!  Anyway, one of the takeaways was this set of information gathering sheets, and an interview questionnaire to use as a way of mapping out key characters in your story

I’ve tried character mapping before – with not much success.  Until now.

Wow!  What a light bulb moment!  I know my character now!  She can’t surprise, stupefy or mystify me any longer!

I am a very happy writer, yes I am.

However, I will not be changing teams and become a Plotter.  No way.

Once a Pantser, always a Pantser…..




-Janice 🙂

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